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Food Manufacturing Company
Food Manufacturing Company

The Customer

The Company works closely with its customers to manufacture products to precise specifications and is committed to making a real difference to their competitive edge by supplying portion controlled food-safe products. Expertise and resources have helped to build a unique reputation in the industry for cooked ingredients. This requires selecting the best raw materials and combining them with the latest technology and production methods.

The Problem

We outsourced our IT to BCC in 2001 due to a requirement from our parent company. We have subsequently made a significant investment in our business and built a substantial new site. BCC were asked to propose an IT solution to secure this new investment and to provide ongoing support and maintenance as well as the establishment of a Disaster Recovery procedure.

The Solution

BCC successfully implemented a VMware solution on time and within budget. A subsequent server crash, due to a major fire, presented the opportunity for BCC to demonstrate that their disaster recovery procedures worked effectively.

The incident also underlined BCC’s commitment to their customer by members of staff working on-site until the service was restored. As a result of their performance in dealing with the problem, and their continued commitment to us, BCC remains our preferred provider for the maintenance and support of all our IT equipment.

The Results

Outsourcing the management of the IT infrastructure to BCC has enabled us to align IT investment to core business objectives through a period of sustained growth. This has been achieved without having to employ a specialist IT Manager, who most likely would not have the wide range of skills and experience available from BCC.

Users now call the BCC support desk directly to log any issues and this has greatly speeded up the resolution of problems. The service response on everyday matters allows our staff to get on with their jobs rather than having to think about IT.