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Telephony Services and Support

Telephony Services and Support

Communications requirements have evolved from basic call handling designed for the making, taking and transferring of telephone calls, into a platform capable of hosting a range of advanced applications designed to maximize communication efficiency.

From design to supply, installation, integration and maintenance, we can support your existing system or we can discuss your future requirements.

BCC also offers hosted telephony solutions as an alternative to traditional PBX (Private Branch Exchange) hardware. This hosted offering is a trusted alternative to a traditional on-site phone system. Whilst on-site solutions have historically been the most common way to own a Business Phone system, the increased availability of high speed Data Connections, as well as vast improvements in software and hardware stability and functionality, have led to cloud based SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) networks offering a hosted PBX phone system. This is fast becoming a preferred telephony choice for businesses of all sizes.

The SIP trunking service is a reliable, cost-effective and feature rich replacement for ISDN Circuits. While ISDN circuits have traditionally been favoured as a way to make and receive calls to/from your PBX, the availability of high speed Data Connections, as well as increased stability in IP Platforms have led to SIP Trunks becoming a preferred option for call routing to/from the BT PSTN network.

Compared to ISDN circuits, SIP Trunks can provide far great functionality at a lower cost. When this is bundled with an advanced fraud prevention service, it’s unsurprising that a vast number of businesses are migrating from traditional fixed line services to a digital one.

BCC offers solutions and support based on:

  • On premise Telephony
  • VOIP
  • Hosted PBX
  • SIP
  • Lines and Calls
  • Broadband, Fibre Broadband and leased line